People Are Awesome Compilation Video Of The Month

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If you have been following ‘People Are Awesome’, then you must be checking out their latest video. The video being the compilation of collection of best videos of this month, it includes various tricks and amazing talents these awesome people have got.

Such videos showing specially skilled people will make you much motivated to move on with your life. No matter how hard your life might be, watching these videos will only make you dream for a better tomorrow.

Amazing Short Film Showing If People Were Apps (Video)

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Today we all are connected with the world through technology. In them we mostly depend on various apps. We are so connected with apps, such that even our life events depends on them. Nevertheless to say, most of these apps are in our smartphone.

Here is an amazing short film that beautifully shows the truth about these apps, by showing it in another perspective. The theme behind this short film is to understand how we interact with people through online. This is made by making the real-people as the representative of various apps.

Modern Society Seems Strange To This Man After 44 Years Of Prison Life (Video)

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Society changes through years as our way of living change. And our way of living depends on new inventions, technologies and so on. So the change in society indirectly depends on latest technologies. So with that being said, how it’ll be, if a man from 60’s or 70’s suddenly appears here in this era? Will he be shocked by seeing this modern society.

This is the same thing that this short documentary by Al Jazeera shows. Here a man who’ve committed a serious crime at his young age, was sentenced for 44 long years. At the age of 69 he was freed and he was really shocked to see how his locality have changed.

White-Necked Raven Mimicking Human Voice (Video)

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When we talk about the smartest animal, which one comes in our thought at first? But among birds we all know the ravens are much smarter than any other birds on earth. However we usually point out parrots as the best bird which can mimic voices. But have you ever seen raven mimicking human voice?

This is what the video shows us. Here a care taker has trained her raven to mimic human speech. Most of the time, this clever bird obey what the master says. But often it regains its own mindset to mess up with the care taker.

Blue Origin Rocket Landing Test From 100 Km Altitude (Video)

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This might me the future, where people can make their dream come true. With the help of Blue Origin, visiting the space has made much easier for the common people. We have been thinking all these time about NASA and their difficult procedures as the only way for us to see the beauty of our planet from space.

But the technology developed by Blue Orgin could make those dream come true. Recently they’ve been into a project where they made a racket landing test from 100 km altitude, which turns successful. Watch this new video to see how they’re planning to make our future bright.

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