Girl vs Litter Bugs

Written by mark on . Posted in Funny, Interesting, Video

Girl on a motorbike watches out for drivers who throw rubbish out their windows… and she goes and throws it back in their car!

Fake Celebrity Prank To Get Girl’s Phone Number

Written by mark on . Posted in Comedy, Prank, Video

The Model Pranksters crew teamed up with Zalman to prove that you can basically get any girl’s phone number if you are famous enough.

Why You Can’t Put Metal In The Microwave

Written by mark on . Posted in Information, Interesting, Video

How does that work? Let Michael Aranda explain. But let’s think abot this. The microwave itself is made of metal, so what exactly is going on?

Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank

Written by mark on . Posted in Comedy, Prank, Video

A new routine full of laughs, The tour starts this week (September 17th) an love for you all to come.

Skateboarding in 5001 Balloons!

Written by mark on . Posted in Entertainment, Sport, Video

Watching skateboarders pull off their sick moves at the skate park is already entertaining. But throw 5,000 balloons into the mix and you have something completely mesmerizing.

Shadow Of Mordor – Live Action

Written by mark on . Posted in Entertainment, Movie, Video

Krimp the Orc is about to have a very bad day. Like, Wraith bad. Based on the awesome game “Shadow of Mordor”.

Usher Becomes an American Ninja Warrior

Written by mark on . Posted in Entertainment, Video

A practice run, because he wanted to “experience” it fully…, but wait until you see how he can move on this obstacle course!

High Five New York

Written by mark on . Posted in Entertainment, Video

Only the crazy rich have cars in New York City, and even they barely use them in the city. It’s just such a hassle.

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