Funny Thai Ad For Bridgestone Tires

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It’s getting harder and harder to trick parents these days.

Picking Up Mattress with Garbage Truck

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The goal was to pick up the mattress and get it into the truck without having to get out. I’d say he achieved this goal.

Man Slides Down Driveway

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Its Damn slippery

Black Friday Horror Movie Trailer

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Smartphones are so prolific, countless mob scenes and fights are posted online each year. Many people wonder if this is really what the holidays are about… That inspired Nacho Punch to produce this hilarious trailer for a Black Friday horror movie.

Jurassic Park VS Ace Ventura Perfectly Hilarious Scene

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The mash up masters at What’s the Mashup somehow perfectly melded the dinosaur thriller Jurassic Park with the ridiculous Jim Carrey comedy Ace Ventura.

Beautiful Sunny Side Egg Art (12 Photos)

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Artist Anne Widya uses sunny side up eggs to make sure her children’s plates are always cleared. Made using a cookie cutter and sushi wrap, the mother-of-four gets her creative juices flowing by serving eggs in an assortment of shapes from smiling pigs to ice cream sundaes. Beautiful Sunny Side Egg Art (12 Photos)

Drunk Brits Fix Bent Bike Rack Late At Night

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“The night-time economy is not all about bad lads doing bad things,” says the council in Boston, Lincolnshire, after CCTV captures a group on a night out at 3am fixing a bike rack damaged by a car.

Toronto Maple Leafs fans finish singing US anthem after technical difficulties

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November 18, 2014, leafs vs nashville predators. The mic cut out partway through the us national anthem and the Canadian fans took it from there!

Ferret Adorably Fails Jump

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Marek Riha was taping their cute ferret play on the desk when the furry little guy attempted a jump to the window sill.

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