This Frightening Video Shows Black Bear Attacking Kayak Of A Lonely Lady In Alaskan Wilderness(Video)

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Everyone knows how it is to be lonely in the Alaskan wilderness. Below is a frightening video, where it shows a black bear attacking kayak of a lonely lady.

The video was shot 5 minutes after the bear attack began. She came out from her cabin as she heard some noise and what she was so frightening, a bear is gnawing on her kayak. Even after the video ends there was still a 5-10 minutes of attack from the bear.

Anyway she hold herself together without freezing up or running for her life and she resisted the bear attack as she could possibly do. Watch the video to see how this story looks live.

Epic Rescue Of Buried Dog From Under The Sidewalk Made This Russian Guy A Great Hero (Video)

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Humanity restored by this kind act of a Russian guy who came forward to rescue a helpless dog which was buried under the sidewalk. It all began few weeks ago when a hole appeared in the sidewalk in Voronezh, Russia. It is where this poor pregnant dog find its place to live.

However the workers didn’t notice this and fixed the hole, but the whimpering of the poor dog melted down this Russian guy’s heart and he worked down to save him by removing the interlocks and digging up the mud.

If you really love to watch animal rescue videos, then this video showing epic rescue of buried dog will be the one you should be watching. Your tears will definitely melt down from your eyes by seeing this humanity restoring video.

This World Tallest Glass-Bottom Bridge In China Will Definitely Freak You Out

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Ever loved trekking in various places you haven’t seen? Then you better add this one into your bucket list. But as you might be thinking, this is not anything natural for trekking, it is just a crossing bridge. However it is more than enough to freak you down with its clear glass-bottom.

People walks above this tallest bridge with lot of fear buried inside them. However this would give you an impressive trekking experience. Below are the pictures of the world tallest glass-bottom bridge situated in China.

Tallest Glass Bottom Bridge001

These Trash Jewelry Of Ethiopian Tribes Will Show How They Turns Out Garbage Into Beautiful Headwears

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You might have heard about the famous saying ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. This idea has been practically applied by these Ethiopian tribes. These Ethiopian tribes uses trash and garbage items including old broken watches, different colored bottle caps and other old useless belongings that people leave behind and they make beautiful headwears out from them.

Though the headwears are made from trashes, it doesn’t looks so bad, instead it do maintains all the fashion that their culture follows. From the below images you will be able to see the trash jewelry of Ethiopian tribes and you will also find how they made amazing headwears.

Trash Jewelry Of Ethiopian Tribes001

These luxury car modifications by Mansory will definitely make your eyes popped out

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If you are an auto enthusiastic who really loves supercars, luxury cars and custom bikes, then you must be knowing about Mansory. If you don’t know about them and their enormous services, then here is a short info regarding the same.

Mansory is a luxury car modification firm in Germany. What they mostly concentrate on, is the modification based on brands of luxury vehicles including Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin and more.

Apart from luxury cars, they even expand their unique works on SUVs, supercars and even on bikes. Below images will show you mansory’s recent luxury car modifications.

Luxury Car Modifications001

Impressive illustrations showing Disney mugshots of your favorite characters

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You might have seen various mugshots of the criminals kept by police departments, but have you ever seen mugshots of your favorite Disney characters?

Here are some amazing funny illustrations showing Disney mugshots. These images right here will surely entertain you and at the same time amaze you. These illustration were the talented works from Jose Duran, who is a Miami based graphic designer.

Have a look on how creative was these illustrations and check out how the mugshots of your favorite Disney characters looks like.

Pluto Mugshot

Disney Mugshots001

These Pictures Showing Evolution Of Video Game Graphics Will Definitely Blow Your Minds Off

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For how many years have you been into playing video games? If you started gaming in your life very recently, then you could not be understanding what it means. But still you can see how the gaming had changed after all these years.

Earlier the games such as Pac-man, Pong etc were more than enough to make your day awesome, but today the video game graphics have evolved up to a huge extend, such that you can see a clear difference between the old graphics and the new one like a day and night.

Below are some images that will show you the evolution of video game graphics and you will be really surprised to see how the games has evolved from an ugly looking cartoons to today’s amazing real-looking graphics.


evolution of video game graphics002

These X rays Of Objects Stuck Inside People’s Strangest Body Parts Will Make You Painful

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We have heard many news across our locality about various foreign objects getting inside human bodies. How painful is that to even see the X rays of objects stuck inside them.

Below you can see these X rays that we are talking about. The foreign objects got stuck between their internal organs due to various reasons that is yet to be discovered. Still you can see these images and see what all objects are inside them.

Spray Paint Can

x rays of objects stuck001

These Are The World’s Most Expensive Coffees That You Should Taste In Your Life

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While talking about coffee, nobody on earth will turn their ears away. Because coffee is one among the world’s most soothing beverages. Just in USA 83 percentage of adults drink coffee. Some people drink more than 2 cups of coffee each day.

With out going detailed towards the coffee statistics, let us now find out which are the world’s most expensive coffees. Below images will show you the most expensive coffees in the world along with their name and price.

Coffee Yauco Selecto AA (Puerto Rico) – $24/lb

most expensive coffees002

How This 220 Year Old Apple Tree Stay Alive Will Surely Give You A Surprise

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It is not surprising to see a tree living more than 200 years. Because there are tress out there, living for more than thousands of years. But the unique thing in this 220 year old apple tree is the way that it follows to stay alive.

This apple tree is found in the city of Krolevets, Ukraine. Besides just a tree, in fact you can call it an apple tree colony. Because there are dozens of other trees came into existence from just one tree.

At first there was only one tree and long years later its own branches started bending and finally reached the ground to take a new root and grow yet another tree from the new root. Below images will tell you rest of the stories.

220 year old apple tree001

This Beautiful Explanation For Solid VS Liquid Will Teach You Interesting Theories (Video)

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Ever since we started studying chemistry, we have a strange doubts that arises in our mind, which are ‘Is Glass A Liquid’? What is the earth’s mantle made of? And more such things regarding solids and liquids. Well the answers to all of them is explained in this video below.

The video shows explanation given to the above question in a beautiful manner. He clearly explains about various stuffs involved within the study like the chemical bonding, amorphous and crystalline solids, why glass get thicker on its bottom etc.

Watch this solid vs liquid educational video where the guy beautifully explains about what is solid and what is liquid.

This Slow Motion Jelly Tennis Will Really Make Yourself Wanting To Do The Same (Video)

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Who never love to play with jellies? If you do, then here is an awesome video on how to play tennis with jelly. You will surely love this stuff and try them with your friends on your next vacation.

In the video below two guys found a new way to entertain themselves with jelly. And now they made a video of slow motion jelly tennis and uploaded to YouTube. Since they mostly work on slow motion videos, their channel itself named as ‘The Slow Mo Guys’.

The video down below had became viral and has got near 2 million views. Watch the video and see the way they enjoy with jelly tennis

Strange Random Facts That Will Give You A Quick Brain Boost

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If you are looking to get out from a boring situation, then you better get engaged with these strange random facts. It will surely give you a quick brain boost and will definitely refresh your mind.

Most facts out there over the internet are true in all sense at the same time interesting to read too. These random facts are very useful to be read when your brain is suffocating for some fresh air. Keep a cup of tea in your hand and get going with these random facts from the pictures below.

strange random facts001

This Amazing Slip And Slide Football Battle Will Give You A Lot Of Entertainment On Your Next Vacation (Video)

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A bunch of cool guys recently uploaded a great video on their YouTube channel ‘Dude Perfect’. The video was uploaded 3 days back and has got over 1.5 million views.

The video below shows their amazing performance in slip and slide football battle. They go through various stages to increase their scores, which includes kicking the ball in a slippery floor, catching the ball with a slippery hand and the final stage is something you never expect to see.

These Funny Cat Cartoons Will Show You How Cats Are So Irritating To Their Owners

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Here are some funny cat cartoons that you will enjoy very much if you are a cat owner. But if you don’t own a pet cat, still it is interesting to go through these funny comics and you will thank god for not owning a cat.

After dogs, it is the cats that people owns the most. Many cat owners know how their cat behaves irritatingly from time to time. They even may not give attention when you need to play with them, rather they will be irritating you when you have something urgent to do.

If you are a cat owner, then you will definitely find these cartoons so much hilarious. Have a look on them and check how accurate the comics are with your real-life experience.

funny cat cartoons001

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