Offstage Pictures Of Famous Musicians That’s Hard For You To Recognize

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Often we remember musicians by how their face looks while they’re on the stage. Every musicians have their on personal way of transforming their faces for the show. But this makes them unrecognizable to their fans while being offstage.

Many of the celebrities use this trick to save their day from crowded fans. However here are some offstage pictures of famous musicians that you won’t recognize them until you see their onstage faces.

Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter

Offstage Pictures Of Famous Musicians0001

Woman Snatching Black Friday Deal From A Mother And Her Kid (Video)

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If you know about thanksgiving and the day after it, then you know how crazy people could go to get the deals on that day. People can almost go insane when they come to purchase a limited quantity product sold in Black Friday.

This is the same thing happened in one of the mall, where a product was on for deal but with limited quantity. Here too people were rushing to get those, carrying as much as they could on their hands. But one lady caught on camera snatching the product from a mother and her child.

Hilarious Quick Fixes That Will Make Your Job Done

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During our life we often face situations where we stand dumb with a broken thing without having any idea for repair. However knowing some really amazing and simple quick fixes might come in handy. Although it is not the actual repair, it could still make your day less worst than before.

Here are some hilarious quick fixes from various people around the globe. These redneck inventions might look so ugly, but it is more than enough to run your business more smoother than before.

Hilarious Quick Fixes001

Funniest Work Moments That You Don’t Usually See On Your Workplace

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If there is no fun in doing anything, we get bored very easily. One such thing that make us easily bored is our daily job itself. Everyday the same procedure, same place, meeting same people, talking same sh*ts for year long makes us really bored.

But often people find some funny things on their workplace that will give them a break from their stressful works. Some people even creates work shenanigans to enjoy themselves and to entertain others. Here are some of the funniest work moments, that you don’t get to see everywhere.

Funniest Work Moments001

Primitive Sling Making Guide Showing The How Man Hunted In Past (Video)

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Here is cool tutorial video by Primitive Technology, that will show you how to make a primitive sling. As the channel name itself tells you, the channel is all about making tools and technologies that were used back in the ancient age.

Here he demonstrates how to perform a slingshot using the ancient sling made completely from nature. Watch this video to know more about this amazing tool used for hunting in the past.

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