Interesting Fun Facts That You Never Knew

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How you spend your free time with? Do you turn your free time useful by doing things that are productive or do you waste them by doing unproductive things? If you have a habit of reading and a desire to learn new things, then you could use your free time to make a perfect side of you in some field. However reading anything informative will make your brain stronger.

How well do you like to read fun facts? If you love them to read, then here are some interesting fun facts that everyone will love to read. Don’t just waste your time by chatting for hours, playing video games or even watching TVs and movies. Change yourself to a better person by developing a habit of reading.

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Amazing Short Film Showing If People Were Apps (Video)

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Today we all are connected with the world through technology. In them we mostly depend on various apps. We are so connected with apps, such that even our life events depends on them. Nevertheless to say, most of these apps are in our smartphone.

Here is an amazing short film that beautifully shows the truth about these apps, by showing it in another perspective. The theme behind this short film is to understand how we interact with people through online. This is made by making the real-people as the representative of various apps.

Hilarious People And Things That You’ll Find Only On Asia

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Have you ever visited any parts of Asia? Or do you have any friends who belongs to Asia? If you know them intimately, then you would know some of their strange habits that might be hilarious to you. Since they are from another part of our world, they’re actually different people with different tradition, so it doesn’t matter how long they’ve been away from their motherland, still they’ll have some part of their culture with them.

With that being said, you’ll see here some of the hilarious people and things that are from Asia. These people and their cultures are really different compared to ours.

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Some Amazing Fish Facts That You’ve Never Heard Of

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How well do you know fishes? Most of us know nothing about fishes other than some basic knowledge. Though it is very tasty when we use it for food, there are many unheard facts about them. Since they live under the water and we humans live on lands, it is pretty hard to find all kinds of fishes. There are hundreds of other species in fishes other than what we eat.

So knowing them all is impossible, unless we dedicate our time to study them. However today you just have to be spending few minutes to study some amazing fish facts, that you might have never heard of. So spend some time to improve your knowledge about the fishes.

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Modern Society Seems Strange To This Man After 44 Years Of Prison Life (Video)

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Society changes through years as our way of living change. And our way of living depends on new inventions, technologies and so on. So the change in society indirectly depends on latest technologies. So with that being said, how it’ll be, if a man from 60’s or 70’s suddenly appears here in this era? Will he be shocked by seeing this modern society.

This is the same thing that this short documentary by Al Jazeera shows. Here a man who’ve committed a serious crime at his young age, was sentenced for 44 long years. At the age of 69 he was freed and he was really shocked to see how his locality have changed.

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