These Famous Movies Without Special Effects Will Surprise You

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Movies that you usually see are not actually shot like the one you see on the screen. Especially the action scenes. If you ever came to watch behind the scenes of any famous movies, then you know what I am really talking about.

Below images will show you some among the famous movies without special effects. This will give you a clear understanding about how the scenes have made so memorable using special effects.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Movie Scenes without special effects002 Movie Scenes without special effects001

These Reimagined Disney Princesses Alike Hot dogs Will Surely Make You Jaw-Dropped

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You might have seen many versions by which the Disney princesses are reimagined to. But have you ever came across any hot dogs that were dressed up like Disney princesses? Then you must be seeing these pictures give below.

These reimagined Disney princesses are a great food art created by Anna Hezel and Gabrielle Paiella of lucky peach, which is a renowned food site. The site clearly shows the ingredients and the method to prepare the Disney princesses alike hot dogs shown as below.

Disney princesses alike hot dogs003

You Have Never Seen The World Longest Fingernails In This Indian Man Earning Guinness World Record

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How crazy is to grow finger nails since 1952? Yes, it is true that this Indian man holding Guinness world record for having longest fingernails haven’t cut his finger nails since 1952.

You can find the pictures of this 78 year old Indian man named Shridhar Chillal with world longest fingernails on one hand. He admits that he hasn’t cut his fingernails even for once and started growing them when he was 16 years old.

You can also find him holding the Guinness world record for the title ‘Longest Fingernails On A Single Hand Ever’. Chillal features with his longest fingernails measuring around 2 meters in 2016 edition of Guinness world records book.

world longest fingernails001

You Have Never Seen These Funniest Public Restrooms Across The World

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How often have you used public restrooms? Or are you the person who haven’t used any restrooms other than one at your house? Either way, you will enjoy what you are going to see down below.

When you go for a tour around the world, or at least on different parts of your own country, all you gonna find is the different styles of restrooms they are using. However the funniest part of these restrooms are, you will never use any among these if you get a chance to put your foot in.

Below are the images of funniest public restrooms that you haven’t visited in your whole life. The reason behind this is the weird way that the authorities had designed them.

funniest public restrooms001

Crazy Pizza Boy Destroying Customer Orders For Not Tipping (Video)

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You will surely start tipping every pizza boy after seeing this viral video. Here is a frustrated pizza boy who purposefully destroys customer’s ordered pizza in front of them while on the delivery.

Who doesn’t love pizza delivered on their doorsteps? But if this guy is going to deliver you the pizza, you better tip him or do not take pizza from him, just return it. Because, he is gonna snatch your pizza and destroy it if you doesn’t even bother to tip him.

Actually the video is based on the pranks by a bunch of friends from YouTube channel Nelk. Their aim is to pull out hilarious real pranks to those customers who weren’t ready to tip him. The video down below will show how this crazy pizza boy behaves with his customers.

How This Japanese Guy Set His Apartment On Fire Will Shock You (Video)

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We all know that it is very dangerous to play with fire. Especially in a tight room where there is nothing to extinguish the fire. In this video you will see similar situation where a Japanese guy accidentally set his apartment on fire.

The video starts with the guy on live stream and most probably he was trying to make us discover how dangerous it can be when playing with fire. It all began when he was trying to lights up a match, but as it gone wrong his room full of boxes, tissues and papers add up the strength of fire even more.

These Awesome Liquid Glacial Furniture Mimics By Zaha Hadid Will Leave You Speechless

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These images down below shows the talented works based on liquid glacial by Zaha Hadid, a world-renowned architect. In this particular design, she highlighted liquid glacial furniture mimics that gives you a clear resemblance of formation of water from ice or vice versa.

These excellent art works were Zaha’s collection for London’s David Gill Gallery and is going for a live show next week at Mayfair gallery. The collections includes various furniture like chairs, tables, stools etc which were appeared to the viewers as if they were frozen in time.

liquid glacial furniture mimics001 Photo credit: Martin Slivka

Confusing Weird Images That You Will Take Time To Understand

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You might have came across various weird images from various websites and social medias. But some images couldn’t stop you laughing, while other just leave you confusing for a moment.

Below are some confusing weird images that you might have not seen in your life. These images will show you how people around you behaves weirdly. You might be even confused whether they are nuts to behave so.

If you are someone who would like to spend some time on watching funny and weird images, then these images are for you. Find yourself the most interesting weird images from below.

confusing weird images023

Seeing These Dangerous Selfies Ever Taken Will Surely Scare You To Death

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How well you know about selfie addiction? If you have got a mobile phone with pretty impressive front-facing camera, no need to say, half of your device memory might have been flooded with your own selfies.

Taking selfies have made so much addiction to people such that, they take selfies on every unique moment that they face in their life. No matter how dangerous the situation is, still they try to capture it for future references.

It is very sad to say that these kind of extreme behavior have also made lose many lifes around the world. Below you will see some of the dangerous selfies ever taken in the world.

dangerous selfies ever taken001

Funniest Food Fails Ever On Earth That Will Show You How Not To Cook

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How well do you perform at cooking? How will be the final result after you cook a particular food? Do you any time in your life came across any food fails? Then these images will definitely find useful for you.

Here are some funniest food fails ever, that you need to be seeing. Either you be a great cook at kitchen or be an awful one, you will find these images interesting. These images will show you some food fails that you encountered in your life.

funniest food fails ever001

Video Showing Jay Leno As Uber Driver Will Keep You Surprising

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How exciting you will be, if you get to meet Jay Leno for real? But you might be shocked with surprise if he came to you as an uber driver and you couldn’t catch him with his unreal makeups unless he himself reveal it to you.

Here is the similar video, where it shows Jay Leno as uber driver and the passengers couldn’t recognize him until he reveal himself. It is really interesting to watch their expressions when they get to find out who their uber driver was.

Watch this surprising video below and imagine how you will react, if you were in this situation.

World Greatest Drag Race Ever Will Be The Video You Were Waiting To See For A Year

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Here is a spectacular video that every auto enthusiastic must be watching. This video right below shows the 2015’s world greatest drag race ever. The video was uploaded by the ‘Moto Trend Channel’, which is a famous YouTube channel out there.

While exploring the video, you will came to know that the race is between the ten top notch cars with world’s fastest records. You will be able to find which one does the job pretty good with a quarter-mile race.

Watch the video to see how the fastest metal on earth performs when lined up in a head-to-head drag race.

World Greatest Drag Race Ever

This Frightening Video Shows Black Bear Attacking Kayak Of A Lonely Lady In Alaskan Wilderness(Video)

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Everyone knows how it is to be lonely in the Alaskan wilderness. Below is a frightening video, where it shows a black bear attacking kayak of a lonely lady.

The video was shot 5 minutes after the bear attack began. She came out from her cabin as she heard some noise and what she was so frightening, a bear is gnawing on her kayak. Even after the video ends there was still a 5-10 minutes of attack from the bear.

Anyway she hold herself together without freezing up or running for her life and she resisted the bear attack as she could possibly do. Watch the video to see how this story looks live.

Epic Rescue Of Buried Dog From Under The Sidewalk Made This Russian Guy A Great Hero (Video)

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Humanity restored by this kind act of a Russian guy who came forward to rescue a helpless dog which was buried under the sidewalk. It all began few weeks ago when a hole appeared in the sidewalk in Voronezh, Russia. It is where this poor pregnant dog find its place to live.

However the workers didn’t notice this and fixed the hole, but the whimpering of the poor dog melted down this Russian guy’s heart and he worked down to save him by removing the interlocks and digging up the mud.

If you really love to watch animal rescue videos, then this video showing epic rescue of buried dog will be the one you should be watching. Your tears will definitely melt down from your eyes by seeing this humanity restoring video.

This World Tallest Glass-Bottom Bridge In China Will Definitely Freak You Out

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Ever loved trekking in various places you haven’t seen? Then you better add this one into your bucket list. But as you might be thinking, this is not anything natural for trekking, it is just a crossing bridge. However it is more than enough to freak you down with its clear glass-bottom.

People walks above this tallest bridge with lot of fear buried inside them. However this would give you an impressive trekking experience. Below are the pictures of the world tallest glass-bottom bridge situated in China.

Tallest Glass Bottom Bridge001

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