Playing GTA V On Force Dynamic 401CR Motion Control Stimulator (Video)

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The era of gaming has been changing as the technologies advances. Today people love to have a real-life experience in everything, why not we turn the gaming into such. If you know about the Force Dynamics 401CR, then the video is showing all about it.

Force Dynamics 401CR is basically a computer mounted on a slip ring with a seat such that, the whole unit could deliver unlimited rotation. In short, it is a motion control stimulator, which will give you exactly the same motion that you see on the screen. Watch this video and see how this guy is experiencing the new level of gaming.

Hollywood’s Most Cursed Movies That Brought Tragic Deaths To Many

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The two-hour movie that we see on the screen aren’t produced as easy as you see it on screen, rather there are numerous efforts taken by the whole team, which may last for several months to even years, to deliver you just 2 hours of entertainment. Since the behind scene involves much risky jobs, many of the crew members or even the actors suffers from various tragedy.

There are even many deaths caused by accident during the film making process. Some deaths are still mysterious, as the reason behind it is strange. There are even some deaths that are believed to be the aftermath of curse that the movie has. Here are the most cursed movies that you never knew in Hollywood.

Most Cursed Movies001

Shocking True Facts That Will Make You Amazed

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Do you enjoy reading various facts about things around you? Nevertheless to say that most facts out there are absolutely true as well as interesting. Most people among us find pleasure in reading them.

Here are some shocking true facts that every one including you might be interested in checking out. Unlike any other facts, you’ll surely amazed by these random facts.

Shocking True Facts001

Classic Celebrity Candid Photos That Are Rare And Beautiful

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Have you ever seen any candid photographs of a celebrity or a popular Hollywood stars? If you know the classic stars on Hollywood and haven’t seen their candid photos, then you could find these photos really useful.

Here you’ll find some celebrity candid photos that you might never have seen. These photos are rare and beautiful and you may even find them useful, if you are one who love to know more about classic Hollywood stars.

Vincent Price

Celebrity Candid Photos001

Awesome Parkour Skills Of People From Around The World (Video)

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People are really awesome with their amazing skills and talents that they attained after a long period of practice and hard dedication. You can achieve anything, but only through practice and dedication. This video right here proves the same.

‘People Are Awesome’, the popular YouTube channel is again with yet another video, this time it is parkour and free runners edition. Here in this video compilation they show awesome parkour skills of people from around the globe. You’ll be really amazed by seeing how talented these people are.

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