This Fire Tornado Video Shot In Slow Motion Is Simply Amazing

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If you have already been following the Slow Mo Guys, then this is their latest video that has over 1.8 million views just in two days. So if you haven’t seen this video yet, then this is your call.

Here in this video, the guys are playing with fire to create a swirling vortex of flames by placing 12 box fans in circle. If you haven’t seen any fire tornado videos, then this slow motion video will make you pretty amazed.

Craziest Things In China That Nobody Tells You About

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China is an unique land, which is completely filled with things that are really strange and weird. If you never had been to China and you are there for your first time, then you’ll be able to see craziest things running around you. If you never knew about the craziest things in China, then these pictures down below will educate you.

Here are some things that you need to be knowing about China, it is not actually a beautiful place that you see on TV and movies. The actual China is quite different with strange things going on.

Craziest Things In China002

Bizarre Things That Just Don’t Belong In The Scenes

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You might still remember how our teachers used to teach us in picking odd one out from a pattern or from a series of object names. That was really interesting and was probably the most interesting part of everyone’s educational life. How about testing that skills at this age? Will you be able to win this time?

Here are some images that gives practical example of things that don’t match the equation. These are bizarre things that aren’t belonging in the scenes. Try to find out the right things that looks quite odd when sitting among members of other family.

Bizarre Things001

Fastest Bridge Retrofit Video From Beijing Where Construction Completed In 43 Hours

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In many places bride retrofitting is a usual scene. Here in this video we can see how fast the process was carried out, that too in China. When we always talk about China as copy cat, we don’t usually talk about their technological advances. Here this video explains the same to us.

The retrofit video shows us one of the fastest bridge retrofit which was carried out in the construction of Sanyuan bridge in Beijing, China. The whole process was completed in just 43 hours. The complete construction period was compiled into one time lapse video, which is given below.

The Most Terrifying Spiders In Existence That You Shouldn’t Be Messing Up With

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You won’t be terrified by seeing a bug, but just a small spider could drive nuts out of everybody. But there are even guys who aren’t afraid of any spiders and would even mess with them. If you are one among such guys who love to mess with arthropods like spider, then you should be seeing these images.

Underneath there are some images of the most terrifying spiders that no one should be messing up with. They are extremely dangerous and some among them are venomous too. Read these info along with the images to learn more about those spiders and stay safe.

Most Terrifying Spiders001

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