Zach Anner Is Songified Into ‘Lo Lo Lo Lo Lohan’ Music Video

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Auto-tune masters Schmoyoho, aka The Gregory Brothers, couldn’t help but notice how musical comedian Zach Anner‘s latest viral video was, so they were inspired to ‘songify’ it into an epic track.

Car Unloading Fail

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Clearly they put absolutely no thought into this.

Pizza Gone Wild (10 Photos)

Written by Apmayy on . Posted in Crazy, FAIL

Pizzas go wild for the photography of Jonpaul Douglass. In the series ‘Pizzas in the Wild’ the photographer placed pizzas at some very unlikely locations. Douglass was inspired for the project by graffitied image of pizza in his neighborhood. He decided to replicate it with the real deal. Pizza Gone Wild (10 Photos)

Kids React To Walkman Cassette Player

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The Fine Brothers last went viral with their enlightening video showing kids from today reacting to an old fashion rotary phone. The kids just had no idea how low-tech the world was just a few years ago.

Formula 1 Pit Stops 1950 & Today

Written by Apmayy on . Posted in Amazing, Auto and Cars, Entertainment, Information, Inspiring, Interesting, Video

Observe how the art of the Pit Stop has evolved since 1950

Young Man And Older Lady Dance The Salsa On Britain’s Got Talent

Written by Apmayy on . Posted in Amazing, Inspiring, Interesting, Video

When eighty year old Paddy and her much younger dance partner Nico began their dance performance on Britain’s Got Talent, the judges and audience couldn’t seem more bored.

Man Does 30 Animals Sounds

Written by Apmayy on . Posted in Entertainment, Interesting, Video

RudiRok is one talented man. He can’t sing, and he can’t dance like so many talented folks online. Still, his ability is impressive. He can imitate barn animals to near perfection.

The Luckiest Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Is Also The Worst Player

Written by Apmayy on . Posted in Sport

Julian of Indiana University seemed to be on a roll. Over and over the player before him kept messing up giving him the perfect opportunity to steal the game on Wheel of Fortune.

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