How This 220 Year Old Apple Tree Stay Alive Will Surely Give You A Surprise

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It is not surprising to see a tree living more than 200 years. Because there are tress out there, living for more than thousands of years. But the unique thing in this 220 year old apple tree is the way that it follows to stay alive.

This apple tree is found in the city of Krolevets, Ukraine. Besides just a tree, in fact you can call it an apple tree colony. Because there are dozens of other trees came into existence from just one tree.

At first there was only one tree and long years later its own branches started bending and finally reached the ground to take a new root and grow yet another tree from the new root. Below images will tell you rest of the stories.

220 year old apple tree001

This Beautiful Explanation For Solid VS Liquid Will Teach You Interesting Theories (Video)

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Ever since we started studying chemistry, we have a strange doubts that arises in our mind, which are ‘Is Glass A Liquid’? What is the earth’s mantle made of? And more such things regarding solids and liquids. Well the answers to all of them is explained in this video below.

The video shows explanation given to the above question in a beautiful manner. He clearly explains about various stuffs involved within the study like the chemical bonding, amorphous and crystalline solids, why glass get thicker on its bottom etc.

Watch this solid vs liquid educational video where the guy beautifully explains about what is solid and what is liquid.

This Slow Motion Jelly Tennis Will Really Make Yourself Wanting To Do The Same (Video)

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Who never love to play with jellies? If you do, then here is an awesome video on how to play tennis with jelly. You will surely love this stuff and try them with your friends on your next vacation.

In the video below two guys found a new way to entertain themselves with jelly. And now they made a video of slow motion jelly tennis and uploaded to YouTube. Since they mostly work on slow motion videos, their channel itself named as ‘The Slow Mo Guys’.

The video down below had became viral and has got near 2 million views. Watch the video and see the way they enjoy with jelly tennis

Strange Random Facts That Will Give You A Quick Brain Boost

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If you are looking to get out from a boring situation, then you better get engaged with these strange random facts. It will surely give you a quick brain boost and will definitely refresh your mind.

Most facts out there over the internet are true in all sense at the same time interesting to read too. These random facts are very useful to be read when your brain is suffocating for some fresh air. Keep a cup of tea in your hand and get going with these random facts from the pictures below.

strange random facts001

This Amazing Slip And Slide Football Battle Will Give You A Lot Of Entertainment On Your Next Vacation (Video)

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A bunch of cool guys recently uploaded a great video on their YouTube channel ‘Dude Perfect’. The video was uploaded 3 days back and has got over 1.5 million views.

The video below shows their amazing performance in slip and slide football battle. They go through various stages to increase their scores, which includes kicking the ball in a slippery floor, catching the ball with a slippery hand and the final stage is something you never expect to see.

These Funny Cat Cartoons Will Show You How Cats Are So Irritating To Their Owners

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Here are some funny cat cartoons that you will enjoy very much if you are a cat owner. But if you don’t own a pet cat, still it is interesting to go through these funny comics and you will thank god for not owning a cat.

After dogs, it is the cats that people owns the most. Many cat owners know how their cat behaves irritatingly from time to time. They even may not give attention when you need to play with them, rather they will be irritating you when you have something urgent to do.

If you are a cat owner, then you will definitely find these cartoons so much hilarious. Have a look on them and check how accurate the comics are with your real-life experience.

funny cat cartoons001

How This Genius Baby Gets Himself Out From Bed Will Make Your Eyes Pop Out (Video)

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Here is a video of a genius baby getting himself out from the bed where his mom kept him. He is so adorably cute and his smartness will really surprise you.

The video starts with the baby being seated on top of a bed with medium height. But when the baby was looking to get out, he puts pillow on the floor to give a safe landing without getting hurt.

This amazing smartness of the baby has been caught on camera and got uploaded to YouTube. Now the video got viral with nearly 1.5 million views.

Seeing This Crazy Car Made Of Stone Will Leave You With A Confused Mind

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Car made of gold, car covered with diamonds, car made of clay, everything once was a big news is now no more. Now the real hero is this crazy car made of stone.

How crazy is to build a car out of stone. By saying the car is made out from stone, it doesn’t mean that from tires to the steering wheel, the car is completely made of stones. Rather it is the car frame that is made out of stone containing very few to no metallic touch.

You will be really amazed to see the below images of the stone car that we were talking about. Have a look on them and be ready to get surprised.

car made of stone001

Crazy Evolution Of The Joker Showing His Different Faces For Past 75 Years Since 1940

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Ever became fan of the never ending batman comics? Then you might be familiar with the greatest batman villain, the joker?

But back in 1940, it wasn’t the same joker that we see today. The face changes over the time period of 75 long years and now we see the face of the joker that has been evolved.

Below are many pictures were you will get to see the evolution of the joker with different faces starting from the year 1940 till 2016.

1940 – Bob Kane/Jerry Robinson – “Batman” #1

evolution of the joker001

How This Unmanned Racing Bike Move Around Will Make You Jaw-Dropped

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As technology improves, we see lot of unmanned vehicles, where the vehicle moves by itself without a driver. However these features had limited to aircraft, cars etc, and moving them around without any drivers don’t panic us. But how about unmanned racing bike?

Yes it is real, the below video shows how a racing bike moves itself around the field without any racer on top. What is the truth behind it, which is yet to be discovered. But as of now, the video had gone viral all over the internet.

Most Bizarre Correlations Between Stats That Are Completely Unrelated

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Below are some of the most bizarre correlations that will make you blow off your mind. Usually there will be said to be having some connection between two likely stats with slight to no difference in the graphs.

But what about two completely unrelated stats? Will there be any correlation between them? Then you will be shocked to see below graphs showing correlation between two unrelated stats that goes hand by hand.

most bizarre correlations001

This Is The Funniest Switch Prank Ever That You Will See On YouTube (Video)

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YouTube is loaded with various kinds of pranks. All except few makes us laugh to death. They are so funny and at the same time feels real too.

Here is the funniest switch prank ever, you might want to watch on your free time. This video was uploaded by the YouTube channel ‘MagicofRahat’ and within just two days the video got over 3.5 lakhs views.

You Need To See These Useful Information Shown In Random Graphs About The Things Across The World

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These random graphs shown below will give you some useful information regarding the stuffs going on the earth. You will be finding these information useful in some part of your life. Better have a look on it now itself.

Although many useful information in the form of random graphs are given, they are completely unrelated to each other. So you could learn information regarding stuffs in a wide range. Have a deep look on them from the below pictures.

useful information001

You Will Be Shock To See This 105 Year Old Man Sets 100m Sprint World Record

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How well can you run? How healthy are you? How fast could you complete a 100m sprint? If you are unsatisfied with these questions, then you must see this 105 year old man who sets world record in 100m sprint.

Hidekichi Mivazaki, Japanese old man is the one who sets world record in 100m sprint on his 105th birthday. He completed the run in 42.22 seconds and he is proud on that. He even believes that he could run like this for another two or three years.

It is a rare to see people hardly completes a century in their life, however they will be physically unfit and will be depending on others for moving. But this 105 year old man needs no one and he claims that he is physically strong as the Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt.

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