The Russian Way To Refill A Lighter

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Just check out this trending video of a person attempting to refill his Zippo lighter. That can’t be right… No, wait! Don’t try to light it now!

Engineer’s Son Watches Dad Drive Train

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Norfolk Southern Engineer Nuttle’s son watches Dad drive train on route to Binghamton NY via Southern Tier Line. Young man has seen several trips, but first time he understands it’s daddy driving.

Take Flight Aerobatics 2014

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An overview of 2014 Aerobatics in the Slingsby at Take Flight. A Good Year!

Expected Newborn Baby Girl Turns Out To Be A Boy

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For months, Kyle and Danielle Williams thought their baby would be a girl. That’s what the ultrasound indicated at least. Naturally, they were both shocked when their baby was finally born and the doctors announced it was boy.

Elevator Weatherman Prank 2015

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What happens when elevator small talk turns into a full-blown weather forecast!?

Announcer Doesn’t Miss a Beat Wham Sauced

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Watch a woman get pulverized at the finish line in this track race gone wrong.

Self Cleaning German Toilet

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Self-cleaning German toilet is here to help you keep your toilet clean.

What Happens If You Shoot an iPhone 6?

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Have you ever felt like you want to obliterate your iPhone in a matter of seconds? Well this isn’t your typical shooting range shot. This is simply the easiest, fastest, and best way to destroy your smartphone. Note: Do NOT try this at home…or anywhere.

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