Mustang Rolls Out Of The Shop

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This classic Mustang rolls out of the shop. The shop worker saves the day… and the car.

Worst Evil Toddler Prank

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Popular prankster Roman Atwood dressed his cute two year old son as an evil devil child to terrify passersby late at night.

Everyday Is Scary Song

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Kids are often scared of monsters under the bed or of ghosts in the closet. Animation Domination High-Def reminds viewers to remember this Halloween, monsters and goblins have got nothing on real life.

Extreme Wheelbarrowing

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This is extreme 24 Carat Gold wheelbarrowing introduced by Alex Siegfried.

Funny… Wasp stings man while wife laughs!

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Lady challenge his husband to remove wasp net, he accept the same and accordingly come into action which makes his wife laugh.

Deer having bottle in the kitchen

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This is what we do in the morning… sometimes at lunch… and dinner!

Epic Slow Motion Memes – The Slow Mo Guys

Written by mark on . Posted in Science, Technology, Video

Youtube teamed up with Gav and Dan to recreate some of the memes you would regularly find on the internet in super slow mo.

Misconceptions About Food

Written by mark on . Posted in Information, Video

Elliott discusses some misconceptions you might have about food.

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