How Fast Do Burgers Age?

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The less gross they look, the more disturbing the results.

What It’s Like To Be Stoned At The Grocery Store

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At first it seems like the best idea. After a long session with Mary Jane, a quick trip to the grocery sounds awesome. But more often than not, the adventure turns into a terrifying, over stimulating ordeal.

World’s Most Asked Questions: How Can I Get Rid of the Hiccups?

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People ask Google everything under the sun. One of the most commonly searched questions in the world is “How do I get rid of hiccups?”

How To Charge Your Phone With 9 Volt Battery

Written by mark on . Posted in Science, Technology, Video

The Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrates how to charge your phone using those ubiquitous, square 9 volt batteries that always end up in the junk drawer in this video.

Top 10 Slow-mo Moments of All Time

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Slow Motion is one of the oldest (and best!) tricks in the filmmaker’s playbook. Showing the action at half speed can add gravitas, drama, or old-fashioned epic-ness to any shot. Here are some of our favorites.

Boy Dances To Patrick Swayze In ‘Dirty Dancing’

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Little Charlie has been in love with dancing ever since he was able to walk.

Rock Skipping Creates Coolest Sound In Frozen Lake

Written by mark on . Posted in Amazing, Interesting, Video

Mr. Villiam threw the rock on the frozen lake he created an awesome, space-like sound. His reaction is priceless.

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