Wrong Number Texts That Are Really Hilarious To Read

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What you usually do, if you get unpleasant texts from complete strangers? Will you allow them to ask you anything by answering them honestly or will you teach them a lesson by giving them the perfect response that they deserve? Today as we have many social platforms to meet different people from around the world, many are exploiting this opportunity to disturb others.

Here are some chats that are really hilarious to read. You might never have seen such a funny wrong number texts. Definitely these people must stop texting right away. They doesn’t make things sense right.

Wrong Number Texts001

Unbelievable Facts About Death That We All Hate To Know

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Who would love to here about our own death? Nobody, even though we all know one day like everyone out there, we’re also going to be death. But today we love to enjoy our life, rather than thinking about death.

In between our busy life, it is important for us to know some facts about death, as we all are going to be in that procedure sooner or later. Here are some among such amazing facts that might be unbelievable to you. But reading them at least could bring you the remembrance of death.

Facts About Death 001

White-Necked Raven Mimicking Human Voice (Video)

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When we talk about the smartest animal, which one comes in our thought at first? But among birds we all know the ravens are much smarter than any other birds on earth. However we usually point out parrots as the best bird which can mimic voices. But have you ever seen raven mimicking human voice?

This is what the video shows us. Here a care taker has trained her raven to mimic human speech. Most of the time, this clever bird obey what the master says. But often it regains its own mindset to mess up with the care taker.

Unrealistic Expectations And Their Bitter Realities That Most Of Us Faces

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Everyone of us have different dreams and expectation about many things. Have you ever found anything exactly as what you’ve expected in your mind? For example, if you are planning to go for vacation to most beautiful place that you have heard of, and keep in mind that you haven’t seen a single photograph of it. You might be having various expectations about the places, its beauty and so on. How much percentage do you think all your expectation would match with the reality?

There is a clear difference between expectations and reality. When you understand that difference, you will be able to withstand any difficult situations in your life. Here are some of those unrealistic expectations and their bitter realities that most of us had faced.

Unrealistic Expectations003

Top 5 Mythical Places Whose Entrances Are Hidden In These Places

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People love to talk more about myths, it is because they always fills curiosity in human mind. When someone say about some unbelievable stuffs being hidden somewhere in the place that you always have been visiting, how fascinating it’ll be to find the reality behind it?

Here are some of such places that have been always talked about. You won’t believe there’s actually some mythical places hidden behind these places. See the pictures of such mysteries that human couldn’t find the truth behind.

Mythical Places001

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