Mind Blowing Artist on the Beach

Written by mark on . Posted in Amazing, Art, Video

Artist works on a painting, it takes a while, but the end is well worth it!

Gillette Stadium Trick Shots

Written by mark on . Posted in Sport, Video

The group of guys who became Internet sensations with videos documenting their crazy sports stunts recently invaded Gillette Stadium in Foxboro.

Legal Street Racing Prank!!

Written by mark on . Posted in Entertainment, Prank, Video

YouTube pranksters Roman Atwood and Vitaly decided to prank the cops by pulling up to a stop, revving their engines real loud, but driving off real slow.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Fail

Written by mark on . Posted in Entertainment, FAIL, Funny, Video

The Riley Boys don’t quite master the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on their first try…

Airplanes Around Thunderstorms

Written by mark on . Posted in Animation, Information, Interesting, Video

Watch what happens when thunderstorms strike the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta-Hartsfield.

The Orange Ball in Japanese Shops

Written by mark on . Posted in Crazy, Funny, Interesting, Video

These balls full of orange paint are anti-theft devices. When someone robs a store, the clerk can throw the ball at the perp (or at the perp’s feet) so they’re easily identified after they escape.

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