Graham Norton Pranks Emma Stone

Written by Apmayy on . Posted in Comedy, Entertainment, Prank, Video

EMMA STONE is still a huge SPICE GIRLS fan. Watch as GRAHAM teases her that they may be in the studio!

How To Cut A Bunch Of Cherry Tomatoes At Once Hack

Written by Apmayy on . Posted in Amazing, Crazy, Funny, Interesting, Video

Life hacker DaveHax has gone viral with his latest quick and simple trick. Cutting cherry tomatoes is one of the most annoying and cumbersome jobs in the kitchen.

Horrifying Confessions From Fast Food Workers

Written by Apmayy on . Posted in Entertainment, Video

Even if we don’t want to admit it, almost everyone hits up the local fast food joint at least once in a while. But you might think twice the next time you have a 2 AM craving for a chalupa-burger-stuffed crust-supreme after reading these horrifying confessions from fast food workers compiled by the list lovers at BuzzFeed.

Where Is This Video?

Written by Apmayy on . Posted in Entertainment, Interesting, Science, Technology, Video

Where are digital online videos? Where is the original? It’s an interesting philosophical question. Michael of Vsauce discusses where online videos really ‘are’ in his latest video.

Everything Wrong With The Matrix

Written by Apmayy on . Posted in Amazing, Entertainment, Information, Interesting, Movie, Video

The Matrix is one of the most popular sci-fi movies of the late 90′s. The story, the special effects, they were ground breaking at the time leading to countless parodies and spoofs. Even though the film is 15 years old now it stills looks good.

Zach Anner Is Songified Into ‘Lo Lo Lo Lo Lohan’ Music Video

Written by Apmayy on . Posted in Inspiring, Interesting, Video

Auto-tune masters Schmoyoho, aka The Gregory Brothers, couldn’t help but notice how musical comedian Zach Anner‘s latest viral video was, so they were inspired to ‘songify’ it into an epic track.

Car Unloading Fail

Written by Apmayy on . Posted in Accident, Auto and Cars, FAIL, Video

Clearly they put absolutely no thought into this.

Pizza Gone Wild (10 Photos)

Written by Apmayy on . Posted in Crazy, FAIL

Pizzas go wild for the photography of Jonpaul Douglass. In the series ‘Pizzas in the Wild’ the photographer placed pizzas at some very unlikely locations. Douglass was inspired for the project by graffitied image of pizza in his neighborhood. He decided to replicate it with the real deal. Pizza Gone Wild (10 Photos)

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