These Famous Companies Have Hidden Messages Within Their Logos (12 Photos)

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How often have you seen the logos for famous companies like McDonald’s and Amazon? Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock without an Internet connection, the answer is likely more times than you can count.


While it’s unclear if this was an intentional move by the Coca-Cola company, if you look closely, you can find a Danish flag in the soda company’s legendary logo. These Famous Companies Have Messages Hidden Within Their Logos (12 Photos)

Mythbusters vs DOOM

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For now over a decade, Discovery’s popular show Mythbusters has helped put an end to longstanding myths relating to popular culture, news stories, and everyday life. For next week’s January 31st episode, they’re taking their expertise to video games.

What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared

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Did you ever imagine what would happen if we suddenly disappeared..

Baby Goat Tried Headbutting Horse

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A baby goat does its best to headbutt a horse’s nose.

Honest Trailers – The Maze Runner

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Enjoy the trailer of “The Maze Runner”

12 Disney Villains In Real Life

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What disney villain voices look like in real life.

Winning at Rock Paper Scissors

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Attractive redhead teaches you how to always win at rock, paper, scissors.

Is It Possible For Evolution To Reverse?

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Evolution changes lifeforms so they acquire more desirable traits, but does this slow process ever reverse?

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