Batman In Classic Movie Scenes Part 3

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Batman is back ruining your favourite movies!

How to Tie a Tie: A Beginner’s Guide

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Never learned to tie a tie? Just watch this simple how-to video, you-cough-manchild-cough.

10 Countries That Have Blocked YouTube

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Terrifyingly, All Time 10′s covers ten countries that have blocked the popular video site.

If Google Was a Person

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You asked for it, you got it! Google is back to answer more of your sort-of questions.

Waiter For The Homeless – Prank

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Public Prank left the gags and silliness behind to do some good. Dressed as a five star waiter, DJ walked the streets of downtown offering homeless people fancy dinners on a silver platter.

March Madness Frisbee Trick Shots

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Trick shot master Brodie Smith stands out from the crowd of online athletes as he performs his magic not with basketballs or footballs, but with Frisbees.

Charlie Brown Peanuts Movie Trailer

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The next generation Charlie Brown movie is here! Fox Family Entertainment has just unveiled this new trailer for a CGI, 3D Peanuts movie that is quickly spreading across the Web.

Ellen Invites The ‘Just Listen’ Toddler Onto Her Show

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Ellen saw the clip online and just had to meet the cute kid and his mom Linda, so she invited the two onto her show. After a nice chat she gave Mathew all the cupcakes he could imagine and an even bigger surprise for his mom.

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