These Amazing Guitars From Skateboards By This Talented Student Will Surprise You

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There is a need of skillful hands to turn the old recyclable things into useful materials. This is what Nick Pourfard, an industrial design student in San Francisco, did with the old broken skateboards.

He collected many wooden skateboards that are either useless or damaged and with his impressive skills, he turned them out into cool hand-made guitars. The images to the same are given below. At the end of the post, you will be able to watch a video on how this talented guy made amazing guitars from skateboards.

Guitars From Skateboards001

This Video Showing How To Make A Brain Cake Will Make You Surprised (Video)

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Ever loved to watch zombie movies? Ever dressed up like zombies in Halloweens? Then you might be needing yet another thing to add up into your zombie costume. It is nothing other than the human brain for eating.

There is no doubt that the zombies love the most, is the human brain. But how can you pretend like you are eating a real human brain when it is disgusting. It is where this video becomes so helpful.

Here in this video you will find how to make a brain cake. It is not a easy process as you might have thought, lots of efforts have to be taken in order to make a brain cake. See the video below and learn how to bake brain cake and on the next Halloween you might be able to take this cake with you and could make your zombie look even more realistic.

This Scary Coat Rack Prank On Food Delivering Folks Will Make You LOL (Video)

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You might have seen many prank videos out there on YouTube, but have you ever seen any scary prank videos that scares people to death? Then the below video will be for you.

The video which has been recently uploaded to YouTube by a popular channel ‘MagicofRahat’ is now viral over the internet and got 2.7 lakh views in just two days. Although prank being the main theme here, it has been taken to next level with an electric scary coat rack.

See the below video showing scary coat rack prank and find out how these people got scared by seeing ghost in the coat rack when they came to deliver the food.

Insane Bungee Jumping And Amazing Zipline That You Should Try Before You Die (Video)

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If you are an adventure lover, then no need to say, you will definitely enjoy this video and will be hungry to experience these insane bungee jumping and those amazing ziplines. The video down below is the one shot from Gravity Canyon in New Zealand.

You can do various adventurous stuffs from bungee jumping to even world’s fastest zipline from New Zealand’s gravity canyon. Their main aim is to give you amazing experience based on velocity. This 4K video will show you how people enjoy those stuffs by exploring and having fun with the earth’s gravity.

Crazy Pizza Boy Destroying Customer Orders For Not Tipping (Video)

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You will surely start tipping every pizza boy after seeing this viral video. Here is a frustrated pizza boy who purposefully destroys customer’s ordered pizza in front of them while on the delivery.

Who doesn’t love pizza delivered on their doorsteps? But if this guy is going to deliver you the pizza, you better tip him or do not take pizza from him, just return it. Because, he is gonna snatch your pizza and destroy it if you doesn’t even bother to tip him.

Actually the video is based on the pranks by a bunch of friends from YouTube channel Nelk. Their aim is to pull out hilarious real pranks to those customers who weren’t ready to tip him. The video down below will show how this crazy pizza boy behaves with his customers.

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