Bus Driver Smased A Rowdy Passenger With Hard Punches (Video)

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How will you react if somebody is blowing punch after punch on your face without any reason? Will you ignore him or throw him away or unleash the super fury into his face more than what he gave you? Of course you’ll do the last one. This is what this awesome bus driver did with his bully passenger.

The video shows a guy, most probably the passenger within the bus, arguing with the bus driver for the reasons unknown. After the arguments got stronger, the rowdy passenger gave 3-4 hard punches on the poor bus driver’s face.

When the driver realized that he is being treated unjustly, driver stood up from the seat to unleash the power resided within him and thrown the passenger out of the bus and gave one last punch to his face. See the complete video below to see how the bus driver smashed the rowdy passenger.

Owning This World’s Best Razor Will Cost You $300

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If you see a guy buying a razor for $300, what will you call him? Crazy, mad, insane? But here is razor from a company called OneBlade, that will charge you $300 for a razor. They aren’t simply charging you this price without offering anything in return, they have tons of features to offer you, that’ll surely worth your $300.

First of all, the company is offering life time guarantee for the razor you are paying for. Moreover this razor will be will high grade German stainless steel along with military grade PVD coating for excellent corrosion resistance. Other features also includes Teflon coated springs, Platinum coated feather blade from Japan, +/- 0.05 mm machined tolerance and most importantly the razor is hand polished. What more do you need in this world’s best razor?

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Unique Mobile Design That Limits Smartphone Addictions

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If you are looking to stop your excessive addictions with your modern smartphone, then must check this unique mobile design, where the purpose of use as a mobile is limited to wireless calling. This unique designed mobile phone shapes like a mobile, but without a screen or a keypad. If you look closely, this mobile can even serve the purpose of a wallet or a business card holder.

This phone is designed by Guo Qing where he stripped away every excess features of a mobile phone in order to free people from the new smartphone addiction. This phone is made to answer calls easily and dial numbers difficultly. The sequence to press the dial numbers are more hard to remember than the location to press the answer key.

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Features Of The Latest Apple TV Lets You Enjoy Apps And Siri

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You might have seen new digital media streaming device from Apple which lets you enjoy watch movies, TV shows, play games, listen to music etc right away from your high definition TV. The latest Apple TV is the manufacturer’s 4th edition to the lineup, adding up much more enjoyable features than its predecessors.

Talking about the features that it has to offer, the most interesting thing inside the new Apple TV is the ability to watch your favorite movies or TV shows straight from the apps within the device. These apps includes HBO Now, ESPN, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Netflix and more. Moreover the device supports downloading movies or videos from iTunes and playing it on your television.

Yet another important added feature is the support for Siri. For the smooth functioning of Siri, the company had added a speaker cum microphone enabled remote, so that you can interact with siri right from your Apple TV remote. This feature helps you a lot and you doesn’t need to search for your desired app by looking over inside a pile of them, rather you just invoke siri and ask her to play your favorite program.

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Prankster’s Epic Scary Prank To His Mom Scared Her To Death (Video)

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If you know the famous YouTube channel ‘Vitalyzd’, which is all about pranks, he did something similar prank to his mom to scare her out. Since the easiest way to prank somebody is to scare them at 2 in the morning, he planned this whole setup which is really amazing.

The night before this prank, Vitaly told his mom to stay alone, as he won’t be home until morning. This night with lots of scary moments might be the unforgettable night in that poor mom’s life. Watch this epic scary prank to see how amazingly he scared his mom.

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