Nominated Goals For FIFA Puskas Award 2015 (Video)

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January 11, 2016 is gonna be a big day, as it is when 2015’s FIFA Puskas Award ceremony will be conducted. For those who are not familiar with this award, FIFA Puskas is an award that will be handed over to the player who had scored the best goal in past twelve months.

The nomination for this year’s Puskas award has already been announced by FIFA, where 10 of the top goals have been selected. There are some familiar names in the list of nominees including the Argentinian stars Lionel Messi and Carlos Tavez. However there are also some lesser known players within the list.

Although the winner for this award will be announced on January 2016, on November 30 there will be a shortlist coming out. Anyway here is the video compilation of all the nominated goals for the FIFA Puskas Award 2015.

Awesome Golf Shots Compilation Video

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Practice makes you perfect. This is not just a random saying, rather these people have proved it in their lives. Practicing anything repeatedly will make you a master in it, no matter what the task might be.

This video shows amazing golf shots compilation by various people from around the world. If you love golf, then this video will show you how talented these guys are in doing various tricks with golf stick and ball. It will surely make you amazed.

This Slow Motion Jelly Tennis Will Really Make Yourself Wanting To Do The Same (Video)

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Who never love to play with jellies? If you do, then here is an awesome video on how to play tennis with jelly. You will surely love this stuff and try them with your friends on your next vacation.

In the video below two guys found a new way to entertain themselves with jelly. And now they made a video of slow motion jelly tennis and uploaded to YouTube. Since they mostly work on slow motion videos, their channel itself named as ‘The Slow Mo Guys’.

The video down below had became viral and has got near 2 million views. Watch the video and see the way they enjoy with jelly tennis

This Amazing Slip And Slide Football Battle Will Give You A Lot Of Entertainment On Your Next Vacation (Video)

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A bunch of cool guys recently uploaded a great video on their YouTube channel ‘Dude Perfect’. The video was uploaded 3 days back and has got over 1.5 million views.

The video below shows their amazing performance in slip and slide football battle. They go through various stages to increase their scores, which includes kicking the ball in a slippery floor, catching the ball with a slippery hand and the final stage is something you never expect to see.

This Epic Football Kick Shows You How The Kicker Scored Point By Nailing The Referee (Video)

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Have you seen this epic football kick where the kicker scored a point even after nailing the referee? This incident occurred on last Friday when the two teams were lined up in the second quarter.

It was a golden chance used by Luis Aranda, Midland Lee kicker, when lined up for an extra point. It all happened when he kicked the ball to score that extra point.

The below video clearly shows how Aranda scored the point even after the ball hits the referee’s head.

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