Funny Speed Camera Photography By Remi Gaillard(Video)

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If you are bored with typical photography, then Remi Gaillard will show you how to mess up with speed cameras. We all know why speed cameras are placed on highways, its for capturing high speed vehicles passing by, but what if we use it to capture our own photography with it.

Here is an amazingly funny video showing Remi Gaillard and his latest mess up. He found a unique way to capture photographs. In a busy highway, where lots of vehicles are passing with high speed, Remi Gaillard use the situation to fire up the camera with his photographs. Watch his new speed camera photography from the video below.

Funny Kissing Prank Parody Left This Poor Guy Empty Handed (Video)

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Meet Luke Donohue, who was trying to make a tribute to his favorite prankster, prankinvasion. For this, Luke planned an idea, which was asking strange girls for kiss challenge. But unfortunately he was left alone empty handed.

Watch this funny kissing prank parody where the Luke Donohue was not able to get a single kiss from any strangers that he asked for.

Pizza Rat Prank On New York Streets Brought Hilarious Reactions From Ladies (Video)

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Pranksters have unique idea of pranking public. They dig out some cool technologies to really scare strange peoples around them. Here is a video from a team ‘PrankvsPrank’ on YouTube, showing pizza rat prank on New Yorkers in public.

The prank brings out hilarious expressions from various people walking on the streets and subways. A fake rat and a pizza slice are attached together and given a remote controlled mechanism to move around public and scare some sh*t out of people.

Hilarious Shampoo Prank On Strangers On Shower After Beach (Video)

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Here is an amazing prank video by a YouTube channel ‘Chaizy’. You might have seen many pranks, where the pranksters used to irritate strange public people with their naughty acts. Similarly here these guys are aiming the strangers who are hitting the shower after their beaching.

This prank team is using the old shampoo trick, where they’re pouring shampoo on bathing stranger’s head without them knowing. And it is really hilarious to see how those strangers react. Watch this hilarious shampoo prank to see how these guys prank strangers with a bottle of shampoo.

Prankster’s Epic Scary Prank To His Mom Scared Her To Death (Video)

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If you know the famous YouTube channel ‘Vitalyzd’, which is all about pranks, he did something similar prank to his mom to scare her out. Since the easiest way to prank somebody is to scare them at 2 in the morning, he planned this whole setup which is really amazing.

The night before this prank, Vitaly told his mom to stay alone, as he won’t be home until morning. This night with lots of scary moments might be the unforgettable night in that poor mom’s life. Watch this epic scary prank to see how amazingly he scared his mom.

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