Iconic Movie Posters Recreated Hilariously In Real Life

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Have you ever tried recreating any of your favorite movie posters? It is really fun to see how recreated moments of iconic movie posters looks like.

If you have no idea on how to recreate some of your favorite movie posters, then these images will show you how it is done. You will admire by seeing these two guys’ dedication in making their favorite movie posters recreated in real-life.

The Break-Up

Movie Posters Recreated001

Rare Hollywood Pictures Showing How It Was Like Back In 80’s

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Hollywood movies are so popular today, that people from all around the globes are waiting for new releases every week. But do you know how Hollywood was like back in 80’s?

Matt Sweeney is showing us how Hollywood was like back in 90’s through these rare Hollywood pictures that he took. He was a 17-year old boy in 1979, who had moved to Hollywood with a dream to become successful filmmaker. It was over that period he took these old rare pictures of Hollywood.

Rare Hollywood Pictures001

Amazing Video Showing 3D Whale Hologram In Gymnasium Had Shocked The Crowd (Video)

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How well do you have idea about our growing technology? The world has became awesome with these 3D hologram where there is no need any screens to show the video, rather the video is made live in front of you.

Here is an amazing 10 second video showing 3D Whale Hologram, where the whale jumps inside a gymnasium and the crowd were shocked into screams. Hope we can see a better future with these 3D holograms.

World Luckiest People Ever Who Were So Close To Death With These Close Calls

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Do you believe in fate and luck? How lucky are you in your life? Have you ever been lucky to escape from a near-death situations? Then you know how priceless human luck is.

Here are the world’s luckiest people ever, who had near-death experiences and it was only their luck that had brought them back to the life. By seeing these pictures, it will be hard for anyone to believe, how they managed to escape from these close calls.

Luckiest People Ever002

Super-Cool Office Designs That Every Employees Will Love To Have On Their Workspace

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If you are working on an office where there is nothing to entertain you, then most probably you will be suffering from tension or any other sort of mental issues. But how will you feel, if your office is covered with some cool designs?

There is no doubt, everyday works will be awesome for you. However here are some of the best companies with super-cool office designs that will surely make you attracted to.


Super-Cool Office Designs0001

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