Annoying Email Would Be In Real Life

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People still use email? Apparently they do! Just imagine how annoying email would be in real life.

F4 Phantom Vs. Wall

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Test video where an F4 Phantom is crashed into a wall at 500 MPH.

Interesting Hollywood Transformations (14 Photos)

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Actors must be masters of their craft in order to gain any kind of respect in Hollywood. They have to go the extra mile and show their insane commitment to their role in order to shock audiences. Sometimes, this means that they need to rapidly gain muscle, lose weight, gain fat, lose muscle…you name it.

Mila Kunis

You would never think Mila Kunis would have to lose weight, but for her role in Black Swan, she dropped 20 pounds to better fit the role. Interesting Hollywood Transformations (14 Photos)

50 Facts You Didn’t Know About The English Language

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From redundant expressions to weird word origins, 50 strange and interesting facts has been found about the English language.

16 Shampoo Facts

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A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, Craig looks at 16 incredible facts about shampoo!

Odd And Shocking Photos From History (21 Photos)

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If you know anything about history, you know that things used to be quite different. How the world works today is different from times of world wars and armed conflicts on foreign soil. These photos definitely show just how different life used to be, proving that we really evolved into better people in the years that followed. Nazi soldiers learning about Islam as the march through Islamic countries. Odd And Shocking Photos From History (21 Photos)</a

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