Superfan ‘Jiggly Boy,’ Who Dances To Kevin Garnett’s Delight

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On the night of Kevin Garnett’s return, one longtime fan was turning heads. Even KG couldn’t help but notice.

Fake Oscar Prank – Pretending to be a Celebrity

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Welcome to the fake oscar prank. In it, I pretend to be a celebrity and walk around with a fake oscar to see how people treat the prankstar.

Funny Homemade Luge Track

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Joseph Colangelo built his kids a homemade luge track by the side of the house. Simply epic!

What if Superman had OCD?

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What if The Man of Steel had OCD? Thanks to DC’s Multiversity, we get to see every version of Clark Kent!

Thief Fail Miserably By Knocking Himself Out With His Own Brick

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Idiot thief gets a smack in the face from his own brick as he attempts to break into car. Owner arrives seconds later and he is soon arrested with major head injuries.

Parrot Turns The Sink On For A Shower

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Miss Iris the parrot is one smart cookie. The gorgeous blue parrot understands how the kitchen sink works, so whenever she wants a nice shower, she just pulls up on the handle to get some water flowing.

Baby Orangutan Makes Incredible Recovery

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WITH a few tentative steps, young orangutan Budi is on the road to recovery. Just two months ago the orphaned animal struggled to sit up on his own, but now he can walk and even climb like a healthy ape.

Electrical Wiring Problems

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This couple have had their bathroom remodelled, they ended up with some interesting wiring quirks.

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