Entire GoPro Vacation Footage Shot Backwards Facing This Funny Dad

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Evan Griffin, is the guy who gifted his dad a GoPro camera for a vacation to Las Vegas. But unfortunately, he forgot to instruct his dad on how to use it. So his dad being a naive in shooting with GoPro, shot his entire vacation footage backwards.

The video already had gone viral and has around one million views. Watch this funny GoPro vacation footage of Griffin’s dad and see how he accidentally pointed the camera towards himself to show the complete footage filled up with him and nothing else.

Man Got Stuck In A Giant Car Wash Spinning Brush (Video)

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Automatic car wash machine has emerged, since car owners badly need to get the job done real quick. The car wash machine use giant spinning brushes on both sides to clear out all the dust and things from the vehicle. However this video right here proves that, the machine could not only wash the cars, but anyone could get a crazy spins by those giant spinners.

The guy in this video must be unaware that the machine was already running in its full speed and he was inside it for taking out the hose. But his unfortunate moment started when the hose got tangled into the spinners. Then all he could remember was an awesome non-stop ride on that giant spinner.

Watch this video to see how this man got stuck on that giant car washing spinner.

Funniest Sentence Fails When Words Of Another Origin Get Perfectly Fit With It

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Often we see many sentence fails mostly due to misspelled words or wrong translations. But you might never have seen these kind of miserable fails where none of the above are the reasons. The main reason that these sentences got failed are only due to our perspective of looking at it and reading.

Here are some funniest sentence fails that will show you, how the perspective of looking at anything is really important. In these images you will come to know that the errors in the sentence are only due to the words which got mixed up due to the wrong perspective which they were in.

Funniest Sentence Fails001

Craziest Personal Names That These People Have Given Themselves

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If you meet some people, you would know how disappointed they are with their names. There are many such people, they change their names only because it sounds very weird or even ugly. But what do we say about people who are changing their good old names with some crazy sh*ts?

Meet these people who’ve changed themselves with these craziest personal names. You’d probably ask, why the heck did these people changed for! But there are some specific reasons for them, which they think is right.

Craziest Personal Names 0001

Dashcam Video Showing Motorcycle Crash On San Diego Highway

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It is really sad to see how poor motorcyclists gets wiped out each days on highways. But I’m not talking about those who deserves to be crashed, instead the poor guys who gets crashed not because of their faults.

Here in this dashcam video, you could see a motorcycle crash which was happened 2 days ago on San Diego highway. The rider was not too fast nor slow, but the reason for the crash was not the speed, it was the rear tyre which got locked and skidded due to the braking and the rider lost the control of the bike. But hopefully he wasn’t seriously injured and walked away to the side of the road, right after the crash.

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