Beautiful Girl’s Backflip Fail

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Girl attempts a backflip at McDonalds and McFails.

Fan Near Death Fall

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Watch this hero cameraman save a fan from plummeting over an outfield wall.

Senator Pat Robert’s Frozen Ringtone Goes Off During Hearing

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Republican Senator Pat Roberts from Kansas had an embarrassing moment during a recent Senate Finance Committee hearing on Capital Hill. Not only did his phone go off during the serious event, but everyone recognized the Let It Go ringtone from Frozen.

GoPro Camera Free Fall

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GoPro Camera free fall from 9,000 feet and lives to tell the tale.

Massive 400 Person Brawl Breaks Out At Resorts World Casino in Queens

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The grand opening of a Fat Tuesday daiquiri bar at the Resorts World Casino in Queens, NY ended in violence after a brawl broke out among the people waiting for their chance to sample the bar’s product. 300-400 people were allegedly present, with about 30 involved in the brawl that spread from the bar, into the food court, finally made its way out into the parking lot.

16 Images Of Celebrities and Their Physical Defects

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Celebrities are not god they are human being they also have a Physical Defects. Here are some images of celebrities that you can see. 0 Padma Lakshmi Actress and former host of Top Chef Padma Lakshmi has a large scar on her right arm which was the result of a car crash when she was fourteen years old. Her arm was shattered and her right hip was fractured. After surgery, she regained use of both of them but was left with a huge scar on her arm.

German Hooligan Throwing Garbage Can At Riot Police

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Worst friend ever drills his buddy with a flying garbage can during this german soccer fight.

Mercedes Collides With A Jaguar (9 Photos)

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A $4 million dollar Mercedes recently crashed into a $1 million dollar Jaguar during a race at Goodwood Circuit in the United Kingdom. Fans in attendance were stunned as these two classic cars collided and both took some serious damage. The repairs are estimated to cost well over $100,000 dollars to restore the cars back to prime condition. Mercedes Collides With A Jaguar (9 Photos)

Ultimate Girls Workout Fails Compilation

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Three months in and it’s already a banner year for failing at the gym.

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