Fastest Bridge Retrofit Video From Beijing Where Construction Completed In 43 Hours

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In many places bride retrofitting is a usual scene. Here in this video we can see how fast the process was carried out, that too in China. When we always talk about China as copy cat, we don’t usually talk about their technological advances. Here this video explains the same to us.

The retrofit video shows us one of the fastest bridge retrofit which was carried out in the construction of Sanyuan bridge in Beijing, China. The whole process was completed in just 43 hours. The complete construction period was compiled into one time lapse video, which is given below.

Coolest Tattoo Designs That Even Haters Will Love To Have

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Most people are addicted in tattooing their bodies. Even though they know the consequences behind it, people still does that. There are also many other people who hates tattooing, saying that, it will not only destroy your beauty but also will destroy your body.

Let the tattooing be good or bad, either way these are the coolest tattoo designs, that you’ll ever have seen in your life. Every tattoo lovers will love to have their body punched with these tattoo artists, whereas every haters will also praise these artists for their amazing skills.

Coolest Tattoo Designs001

Totally Amazing Products That You Must Be Owning To Make Your Life More Fun

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Are you satisfied with your life with what you have got? I guess not! Each one of our desires never ends. When our important desire is achieved, we don’t sit relaxed, rather our mind will start exploring for the next desire and shortly after we will be trying to achieve that desire too.

There are tons of things on earth that we wish to get for. No matter what on earth you might be having, but still you will be hoping to get some of these amazing products. These are totally amazing products that people from around the world owns and right after you see them, I am sure you won’t be sitting relaxed. Getting those cool stuffs will be your next desire.

Totally Amazing Products002

Amazing Rinser Toothbrush With Rinsing Fountain

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This amazing rinser toothbrush is the proof that, even our smallest daily tasks have been influenced by technologies. Rinser toothbrush is not a normal brush although it looks so, rather it is designed in such a way that it holds a built-in scoop for creating rinsing fountain.

The rinsing fountain which was created due to the pushing effect of the scoop, can be used to rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth. Moreover, the fountain is controlled by an attached button down the scoop, which will only allow the fountain when you need to. This amazing toothbrush designed by Amron Experimental also features detachable heads, where you can replace the old one with a new without throwing off the wand.

Rinser Toothbrush 01

Google OnHub To Be The Best Wireless Router Of 2015

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Ever since Google has been into smartphones, it is dragging down futuristic technologies on to our hands. Google OnHub is one such product, which is selected as the 2015’s best Wi-Fi router. Two new devices has been launched under OnHub, both from different manufactures though.

An ASUS-made router priced at $219.99 and a TP-Link Router at $199.99. Although there is only small difference in their prices, the ASUS provides slightly better specs and some additional features that includes controlling the wi-fi speed to a particular device by just waving your hand above it. For more info on these amazing wireless routers, visit the official site.

Google OnHub 0

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