Amazing Rinser Toothbrush With Rinsing Fountain

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This amazing rinser toothbrush is the proof that, even our smallest daily tasks have been influenced by technologies. Rinser toothbrush is not a normal brush although it looks so, rather it is designed in such a way that it holds a built-in scoop for creating rinsing fountain.

The rinsing fountain which was created due to the pushing effect of the scoop, can be used to rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth. Moreover, the fountain is controlled by an attached button down the scoop, which will only allow the fountain when you need to. This amazing toothbrush designed by Amron Experimental also features detachable heads, where you can replace the old one with a new without throwing off the wand.

Rinser Toothbrush 01

Nomad Wallet Power Bank Of 2400 mAh And A Lightning Cable

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Since the usage of smartphones has been increasing day by day, the demand for high capacity battery also had increased. Now companies are launching their smartphones with larger battery capacities, so as to deliver enough juice for the multi-cored devices. But yet most users find those batteries serving less purpose and now they are running after power banks.

Power bank basically is an additional battery charging device that can store some battery juices based on its capacity. Since the power banks has been emerged, various companies are competing each other to provide unique kind of devices for the users.

Now here is a company named ‘Nomad’, which is famous for manufacturing essential portable tools for smartphone users. They are now launching unique kind of wallet power bank, which serves both the purposes of a wallet as well as a power bank, when your mobile needs some quick top up. The battery powered within it is 2400 mAh and delivers a lightning cable along with it. This portable power bank in a bi-fold leather wallet is especially designed for iPhone and is Apple certified product with a price tag of $79.99.

Wallet Power Bank

These Popular Brand Logos Simplified Into Simple Lines Gives Sleek Geometric Designs

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Popular brand logos are always eye catchy and you can even guess which brand is which even with just a second of look. But will you be able to find the brand logos when it is simplified into simple lines.

Here are such thought-provoking looks of popular brand logos when given minimalist appearance. This eye-catchy works were demonstrated by Nick Barclay, who is a Sydney-based director and designer.

Take a look on these design and check whether you could tell the brand name within the first look.


Popular brand logos002

Humans With Dog Head (15 photos)

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Indian Commercials Sure Are Creative – Frooti Rebranding

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Tiny People Struggle to Make a Fruit Drink in This Fun and Ridiculous Indian Ad Plus, see Frooti rebranding By Tim Nudd.

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