How Simpsons Characters Looked Back In The First Episode And Now

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If you still remember the Simpsons characters from the time they released their first episode, then you know how much the characters in it have changed. Simpsons’ original release of the first season was on December 17 1989 with 13 episodes which altogether completed on May 13 1990.

If you still can’t remember those old episodes from Simpsons, then you have to checkout these images which will clearly show how Simpsons characters has changed today from what they looked like, back in those days.

Simpsons Characters0001

Craziest Conspiracy Theories That People Around The World Have

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How well do you know about various conspiracy theories around the world. Conspiracy theories arises when a group or organization releases an unsatisfactory reasons in front of public about a bad event happened. When it is felt like the organization is covering up something, with an explanatory hypothesis, these groups or companies will be accused by yet another group of public.

With that being said, many of the organizations or groups around the world has already been faced many such accusations, which may be true or may not. But what we are talking here about is the most craziest conspiracy theories that you may haven’t heard of. Some sounds so true to you, even though they are crazy.

Craziest Conspiracy Theories001

Guy Slept In Wrong House And Woke Up With A Hilarious Reaction (Video)

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What will you do, if you find a stranger sleeping on your bed without your permission? Will you take a stick to run him out or will you be like this guy, shooting that weird moment on your cell phone?

Here is a really funny video, where a guy who slept in wrong house and wasn’t aware of that until he woke up. The expression that he had, when realizing the weird situation, was really hilarious. This funny video has got over 1.2 million views in just 2 days and got viral all over the internet.

This Is The Funniest Switch Prank Ever That You Will See On YouTube (Video)

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YouTube is loaded with various kinds of pranks. All except few makes us laugh to death. They are so funny and at the same time feels real too.

Here is the funniest switch prank ever, you might want to watch on your free time. This video was uploaded by the YouTube channel ‘MagicofRahat’ and within just two days the video got over 3.5 lakhs views.

You Will Be Surprised By Seeing Epic Fish Catching By This Little Girl (Video)

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Below is a video showing epic fish catching using a toy barbie fishing pole by a little girl. Fishing has become a great hobby around the world. Even some dads take their kids for fishing.

This is one such video when a dad took his little girl for fishing. Unlike fishing with a real pole, she used her barbie toy pole. But the results were amazing.

Watch this video till the end to find out what she got from water, you will be surprised. The video has gone viral within few days with over 2 million views.

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