Crazy Motorcyclist Grabbing Girl’s Foot That Was Stuck Out From Car (Video)

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If you have a habit of sticking your legs out of the car while traveling, then you be careful, because there are some crazy motorcyclists who’re gonna grab your foot. Here is a similar incident occurred when a motorcyclist was passing through freeway.

The girl who was sticking her foots outside the car was grabbed by this crazy motorcyclist. As soon as she sensed someone grabbing her foot, she retreated them back with a shock. She’d had at least a second of feeling that some alien must be grabbing her until she sees the biker outside. Watch this hilarious video to see how the action was performed.

Amazing Crash Escape Video Showing How A Semi-Truck Swerves Away Without Crashing

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How irritating it is to stay in traffic for minutes or even hours. But does that wait worth more than losing our life or at least putting our lives or some else’s life in danger? Of course, waiting in the traffic worth more than crashing and dying or even worst.

What happens when a guy applies sudden brake in front of you? You either swerves away or put your leg on the brake pedal. But how do you expect a semi-truck to do the same? It is impossible, right? Either way it could end up crashing or there should be any miracle to escape without crashing.

With that being said, you must be watching this amazing crash escape video of a semi-truck, which swerves away from a van who put sudden brake in front, without crashing a single vehicle in a busy traffic road. Is it his luck or the driver’s skill?

Drunk Passenger Getting Pepper Sprayed By An Uber Driver (Video)

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It is usual for drunken passengers to get messed up with the drivers. Most of the Uber drivers hesitate to take such drunken passengers as they could get annoyed and drivers have to suffer a miserable day. Here is a dash cam video showing how a violent drunk passenger got pepper sprayer by the driver.

At first the driver didn’t gave much attention to the heavily intoxicated passenger and he asked for his destination, where the drunk passenger gave a vague answer, which the driver couldn’t understood clearly. So he taught to kick him out of his cab. It is when the bad guy got his violent senses back and started beating the poor uber driver. Later he pepper sprayed the passenger and called the police to arrest him.

Mind Blowing Luxurious Self-Driving Car Unveiled By Mercedes-Benz

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You might have heard a lot about self-driving car, especially the popular Google self-driving car. But here is Mercedes-Benz F 015 luxurious self-driving car, which is the next level future car that we all are waiting for.

This is basically a concept car that Mercedes built to show as a representation to the future autonomous cars. Future of mobility is clearly shown in this autonomous car with an Intelligent Predictive Engine technology along with deep machine learning, which can provide much better road safety. Moreover the electric-powered engine with hydrogen fuel cell, will be sufficient to give 600+ miles in one run.

Mercedes-Benz F015 - Luxury in Motion

Amazing Video Showing Tesla Autopilot Saves The Driver Before An Unexpected Crash

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If you know about Tesla Model S and its capability of autopilot, then this is a video showing how it can be put to test. If you are curious about, how efficient this car’s autopilot capability is, then this video shows how a Tesla autopilot can save the driver before a serious crash.

Many of the Telsa Model S owners claims that the car self-improves as we drive more. Anyway, this dash-cam video shows amazing reflex from an autopilot, which a human cannot control it in this situation.

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