Crazy Animal Names That Doesn’t Match Them And Are Misleading

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How well do you know about animals? If you start learning about them, you’ll need more than a whole life to complete the study of each and every animals on this planet. How much species of animals, do you think that exits on earth? All these species have got different names. Have you ever wonder, how these guys managed to name them all?

Although every animals has got its own biological names, they’ve also got the local names that we used to call. Some are really funny and doesn’t match them at all and are also misleading. Here are some among such crazy animal names and truth behind them.

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Funny Dolphin Encounter With This Old Man Will Surely Make You Laugh (Video)

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Talking about dolphins, they are the most adorable animals living in water, that humans get easily attracted to. Dolphins can be trained with special skills and we have already seen many such videos. But how extreme these dolphins can go, when mingling with humans?

This is where the video has important. The video down below shows funny dolphin encounter with an old man on pool. The old man and his team were on a cruise to Bahamas where they encountered this cute dolphin on an island near Nassau.

Some Amazing Fish Facts That You’ve Never Heard Of

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How well do you know fishes? Most of us know nothing about fishes other than some basic knowledge. Though it is very tasty when we use it for food, there are many unheard facts about them. Since they live under the water and we humans live on lands, it is pretty hard to find all kinds of fishes. There are hundreds of other species in fishes other than what we eat.

So knowing them all is impossible, unless we dedicate our time to study them. However today you just have to be spending few minutes to study some amazing fish facts, that you might have never heard of. So spend some time to improve your knowledge about the fishes.

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White-Necked Raven Mimicking Human Voice (Video)

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When we talk about the smartest animal, which one comes in our thought at first? But among birds we all know the ravens are much smarter than any other birds on earth. However we usually point out parrots as the best bird which can mimic voices. But have you ever seen raven mimicking human voice?

This is what the video shows us. Here a care taker has trained her raven to mimic human speech. Most of the time, this clever bird obey what the master says. But often it regains its own mindset to mess up with the care taker.

The Most Terrifying Spiders In Existence That You Shouldn’t Be Messing Up With

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You won’t be terrified by seeing a bug, but just a small spider could drive nuts out of everybody. But there are even guys who aren’t afraid of any spiders and would even mess with them. If you are one among such guys who love to mess with arthropods like spider, then you should be seeing these images.

Underneath there are some images of the most terrifying spiders that no one should be messing up with. They are extremely dangerous and some among them are venomous too. Read these info along with the images to learn more about those spiders and stay safe.

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