Hollywood’s Most Cursed Movies That Brought Tragic Deaths To Many

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The two-hour movie that we see on the screen aren’t produced as easy as you see it on screen, rather there are numerous efforts taken by the whole team, which may last for several months to even years, to deliver you just 2 hours of entertainment. Since the behind scene involves much risky jobs, many of the crew members or even the actors suffers from various tragedy.

There are even many deaths caused by accident during the film making process. Some deaths are still mysterious, as the reason behind it is strange. There are even some deaths that are believed to be the aftermath of curse that the movie has. Here are the most cursed movies that you never knew in Hollywood.

Most Cursed Movies001

Man Got Stuck In A Giant Car Wash Spinning Brush (Video)

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Automatic car wash machine has emerged, since car owners badly need to get the job done real quick. The car wash machine use giant spinning brushes on both sides to clear out all the dust and things from the vehicle. However this video right here proves that, the machine could not only wash the cars, but anyone could get a crazy spins by those giant spinners.

The guy in this video must be unaware that the machine was already running in its full speed and he was inside it for taking out the hose. But his unfortunate moment started when the hose got tangled into the spinners. Then all he could remember was an awesome non-stop ride on that giant spinner.

Watch this video to see how this man got stuck on that giant car washing spinner.

Dashcam Video Showing Motorcycle Crash On San Diego Highway

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It is really sad to see how poor motorcyclists gets wiped out each days on highways. But I’m not talking about those who deserves to be crashed, instead the poor guys who gets crashed not because of their faults.

Here in this dashcam video, you could see a motorcycle crash which was happened 2 days ago on San Diego highway. The rider was not too fast nor slow, but the reason for the crash was not the speed, it was the rear tyre which got locked and skidded due to the braking and the rider lost the control of the bike. But hopefully he wasn’t seriously injured and walked away to the side of the road, right after the crash.

Amazing Crash Escape Video Showing How A Semi-Truck Swerves Away Without Crashing

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How irritating it is to stay in traffic for minutes or even hours. But does that wait worth more than losing our life or at least putting our lives or some else’s life in danger? Of course, waiting in the traffic worth more than crashing and dying or even worst.

What happens when a guy applies sudden brake in front of you? You either swerves away or put your leg on the brake pedal. But how do you expect a semi-truck to do the same? It is impossible, right? Either way it could end up crashing or there should be any miracle to escape without crashing.

With that being said, you must be watching this amazing crash escape video of a semi-truck, which swerves away from a van who put sudden brake in front, without crashing a single vehicle in a busy traffic road. Is it his luck or the driver’s skill?

Unlucky Inventors Who Died From Their Own Inventions

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Our world couldn’t have developed this much without the sacrifices of many inventors. They spent almost their whole life studying and then inventing stuffs. You might not know how hard it is when one invention get fails in its last stage. Still then many of the inventors succeeded in giving us this modern era with developed things that we see around.

However, when so many inventors had sacrificed their time, effort and much, many inventors even had sacrificed their own lives for the sake of inventions. Here are some unlucky inventors that you might never knew, who died from their own inventions.

Unlucky Inventors0001

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