Wika Szmyt : A 73 Years Old DJ From Poland (6 Photos + 1 Video)

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Whenever you go to night clubs you will see that, the young boys and girls are dancing on the dance floor, but old people also have the same rights to enjoy from time to time off on the dance floor in night clubs and it’s very good when the music are played by the DJ of their age. This is exactly what’s happening in a nightclub in Warsaw, Poland. where music are mixed and played by DJ granny Wika Szmyt. DJ Wika Szmyt is a 73 years old women, who spend her retirement days on Playing DJ at nightclub and watching People dancing to her rhythms. Dj Wika worked at Warsaw club for three days a week. she was also involved in modern musical project, where she invite younger people to enjoy the party.
Wika Szmyt: 73 years old DJ in Poland (6 Photos + 1 Video)
Warsaw club holds regular parties for the elderly people, where the guest of the club dance on the sound of disco, rumba and samba.
Wika Szmyt: 73 years old DJ in Poland (6 Photos + 1 Video)
Nightclub institution in charge of music, “Dj Wika Szmyt”, celebrated her 73th birhtday last year.
Wika Szmyt: 73 years old DJ in Poland (6 Photos + 1 Video)
Despite her venerable age DJ Wika Szmyt admits that she feels like she is 25 years old girl.
Wika Szmyt: 73 years old DJ in Poland (6 Photos + 1 Video)
DJ Wika Szmyt standing behind the board at the club where the party is in full swing for the old people. People at their age need to be entertain, to some extent more than the young. After all, so they can communicate with each other and forget about the hardships of life.
Wika Szmyt: 73 years old DJ in Poland (6 Photos + 1 Video)
Dj Wika have habit of mixing the music with remote control and she believes that her work as a DJ gives her peers and her fan, a new perpestive on life
Wika Szmyt: 73 years old DJ in Poland (6 Photos + 1 Video)
DJ Wika talking with her club console friend christina. DJ wika play a Mix music and parties with a young people. Despite the fact that young people is more discerning, she likes to work for them.

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