The Longest Suspension Bridge In The World By China : Aychzhay (5 Photos)

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Aychzhay is the world’s longest suspension bridge which is built by China. This bridge is of 1176 meters long. Among the suspended Structures, The new bridge is not equal to the length indicator. It is connected between two tunnels which are located on the both sides of the canyon deha. This suspension bridge Is located at a height of 355 meters.
The Longest Suspension Bridge In The World: Aychzhay (5 Photos)
Construction of this world’s longest suspension bridge started in the year 2007. In the construction of this bridge they have used the Original Chinese technology. On the bridge there are two lanes in each of the parties. The Maximum speed allowed on the bridge should not exceed a speed of 80 kilometers per hour.
The Longest Suspension Bridge In The World: Aychzhay (5 Photos)
This new facility was an important part of the highway which connects the city of Changsha and Chongqing.
The Longest Suspension Bridge In The World: Aychzhay (5 Photos)
This is the view of the bridge during the night time. The bridge is covered with full of lights and the vehicles are passing through this bridge.
The Longest Suspension Bridge In The World: Aychzhay (5 Photos)
This is a view of the bridge where you can see a zig zag way and the vehicles moving from the roads and there are houses which are located down the bridge. The view is such a wonderful one which will attract many of the people as it is the world’s largest bridge created by china.
The Longest Suspension Bridge In The World: Aychzhay (5 Photos)
In this view the worker is working towards the maintainence of the bridge with proper safety arrangements and you can also see the beautiful scenery of the roads and the houses located below. It shows the construction of the bridge or the Base of the brigde on which the bridge stands. This is the Most wonderful and amazing architecture done for the bridge by the chinese people and making the bridge to be the world’s largest one.

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