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Unusual Tree Climbing Goats of Morocco (18 photos + 1 video)

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Morocco is the only country where goats does not graze on land but on trees, this happens due to the shortage of grass on land. Goats climb on trees to feed themselves with fruits and leaves of argan trees.
Unusual Tree Climbing Goats of Moroccan (18 Photos)

Your Daily Mix And Funny Pictures Collection (118 photos)

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Here is your daily mix and funny pictures collection. don’t forget to visit daily for fresh photos. :)
Here is Your Daily Picdumps (118 Photos)

Beautiful Photography by Sweden Photographer Mikael Sundberg (24 Photos)

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Sweden Photographer Mikael Sundberg works in many genres of photography. His work is varied and colorful despite the difficult fate Starting from space scenes to architecture, celebrities, nature and animals. He was born deaf and with a passion for photography, he live in Orebro, Sweden with his wife melody She also interested in photography, they often take pictures together. Mikael is working with the European Centre for sign language, as well as a freelance photographer.
Sweden Photographer Mikael Sundberg and his Photography (24 Photos)

Fantastic Shots of Aircrafts Close to Moon (18 Photos)

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Nieuwel Heren’s built in keyboard Pant (5 photos)

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It might have been happened with lot of us that you spilled a coffee or tea on your keyboard and your IT guy may gets angry and does not give you a new one. But now no need to worry if you have Nieuwel Heren’s beauty and the geek pants in hand, Its an comfortable jeans with build in keyborad, mouse and speakers.
Nieuwel Heren's built-in keyboard Pant (5 Photos)

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